” मोदी पे बरसे ओवैसी -उडाया मजाक “Asaduddin Owaisi Best Speech on PM Modi Demonitisation, Ban 500

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” मोदी पे बरसे ओवैसी -उडाया मजाक “Asaduddin Owaisi Best Speech on PM Modi Demonitisation, Ban 500

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Asaduddin Owaisi latest speech In parliament”Owaisi Solid reply to PM Narendra Modi On Black Money”

“ओवैसी की बोलती बंद !!!”-Asaduddin Owiasi stuck on Triple Talaq issue .Owaisi VS Swamy!!MUST WATCH.

“ओवैसी ने रुला डाला!!!”-Asaduddin owaisi heart-touching speech on India and Indians must watch!!

“भरी सभा में रोये ओवैसी”-Asaduddin Owaisi emotional speech crying in public meeting -Must Watch

“3 दिन मे मोदी नोट Ban वापस ले वरना पचताना पडेगा!”-Mamta Banerjee warns PM Modi on Demonitisation!

“मै मोदी से डरती नही”-Shehla Rashid JNUSU leader challenges BJP government,kashmir is India’s part

“MODI का OWAISI को करारा जवाब !”-PM Narendra Modi in Parliament speech against Owaisi on Black Money

Kanhaiya kumar latest speech,”Difference between जय श्री राम and राम राम “-against HINDUTVA,RSS,BJP!

“मोदीजी बंद करो रोना धोना”-kanhaiya kumar(JNU Student leader) speech suggests PM Modi should not cry

Umar Khalid speech on Missing student Najeeb Ahmed ,”PM MODI गुंडो के सरदार है!!!”-against ABVP,BJP

“केजरीवाल ने दी MODI को चुनौती!”-Arvind Kejriwal attacks PM Narendra Modi on ban of 500 & 1000 note