3/3 Banned by the UN! Delegitimization of Israel – UN conference

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Censored by the UN! The BEST SPEECHES! Part 3 of Ambassadors against BDS conference, entitled “Delegitimization of Israel in the public sphere” was never posted by the UN that claimed “technical difficulties” (right!). Luckily, WJC that co-hosted the event published a copy:

Sodastream video + intro (4:30). Daniel Birnbaum, CEO, SodaStream (10:00)
Mosab Hassan Yousef/ The Green Prince/ “Son Of Hamas’ (27:45 intro)
Bassam Eid, Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring (40:02 intro)
Professor Alan Johnson, Senior Fellow, BICOM, UK (49:00 intro)
Emily Neilson-Winkler, Link Support Ltd (58:57 intro)
Moderator: Mr. Robert Singer. CEO, World Jewish Congress