A Special Lecture on GST (Goods & Services Tax) by Sri. S. Venkataramani at SJCC

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GST (Goods and Services Tax) will be a single tax which will subsume almost all indirect taxes like Central Excise Duty, Additional Excise Duty, Service Tax, Additional Duties of Customs, VAT, CST, Luxury Tax, Entry Tax, etc. Integration of so many indirect taxes with only a single tax (GST) requires its conceptual clarity and understanding of the new Tax Regime and its Implications.

Sri. S. Venkataramani is a Chartered Accountant and Member – GST Committee of the ICAI.

The lecture was part of deliberations on Goods and Services Tax by the Department of Commerce. It was organized jointly with Old Students Association of the college.

A special thanks to Mr. Vinay Mruthyunjaya, President OSA, SJCC and Dr. Daniel Fernandes, SJ, Principal, SJCC.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzQ3FOlTzIw for a student discussion on GST.