Adolf Hitler’s Warning

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“History is written by the victors”

Everything we know about Hitler is wrong. He stood up against the Zionists banks, the Rothschild’s, and other tyrannical Jewish Supremacists.

It is these jewish supremacists who own the media, control the banks and governments, and shape public opinion. Not all jews are bad! But there is high concentration of them in every facet of corruption in our society.

They own Hollywood, that’s why you’ve never seen a movie about the Armenian Holocaust, a documentary about the bombing of Dresden, or any discussion of the war crimes committed by the Allies in WWII. Yet there are countless movies and shows about the plight of the jew in WWII. Millions of Germans were raped tortured and killed during and after the war, but since this false narrative has hijacked the minds of the masses, their deaths are justified, since Germany was the villain.

For what Hitler accomplished, the jews resented, and destroyed his name. Propaganda surfaced about this plan for world domination, whereas all he really wanted was peace. This is confirmed by his multiple peace offers that were ignored.

It was the almighty Jewry that declared war on Germany, and not the other way around. Hitler kicked out the bankers(most were of Jewish descent) because they were demoralizing Germany and destroying their economy and culture. Hitler was not the first to kick out the Jews. There are over 80 countries throughout history who have all done the same. Any effort to criticize them and their wrongdoings is met with the accusation of ‘antisemitism’. This is a trick designed by those in control to stay in control.

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