Amraiz Khan | McGuire Programme 2017 | Stammer

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


Thanks for viewing the video, to break it all down I have lived with a stammer all my life as you can see from the first half of the video. I have tried all the speech therapies within the UK and not one had made an impact until I had found the McGuire Programme.

For any more information, or if you know anyone with a ‘Stammer’ please contact:
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Stammering is a major problem with about half a million Britons affected. Their stammers vary widely – some struggle to pronounce just one letter of the alphabet, others stretch out a sound in a word, or repeat a sound or syllable.

I have lived with a stammer ever since I could remember…I can still remember, it has been a tremendous journey and now I can finally say ‘I’m proud to be a stammerer’

My childhood wasn’t the best I would say, growing up I realised that my stammer had an impact on me day by day, I would use and learn new tricks everyday just to say what I would need to say, going back to primary school I still remember when the teacher asked me to read I would hit the table grip my knees, by the time I was done reading the book it would need ironing to be back to its original state. Going into secondary school was a challenge for me, as I was going to meet new people and see new faces and I didn’t want my stammer to control me.
I have never let my stammer come in my way, every day was a challenge for me, but this challenge made me stronger and I would overcome new obstacles day by day. Throughout all the hardships, I soldiered out my way to become a motivated and disciplined young man.

I have been through speech therapists at a young age but it had made no difference, I had always felt that will there be anything which could help me with my stammer. Until I found the McGuire programme, not knowing if it was going to help or how it will impact me but this was the last resort. It was a 4 day ‘INTENSIVE’ yes that’s correct 13 hours per day, a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, I have finally learned how to control my stutter.

I went onto the Doncaster course in on 23rd August for 4 days, I learnt new techniques, Since then my life has been so much better, I can finally be the person I’ve always wanted to be however I felt, held back and restricted because of my stammer, the person I wanted to be was always kept inside and couldn’t open up to who I wanted to be, how I found out about the course, some of the things I did on the course was did a public speech in front of the Doncaster town centre, was challenged to make over 100 contacts which involves going up to strangers and either asking them for something or doing a disclosure, this helped overkill my fear.

Now I’m looking forward to going back to university, I’m a student Ambassador at the University of Huddersfield and have been recruited onto the Student Union and I am an Event’s and Promotion assistant which will help me expand my comfort zones make new friends and meet new people and basically do what I enjoy which is speaking.

I’ve started giving public speeches and presentations to my college and at University the message which I want to bring across is no matter what obstacles come in your way if they are big or small or like mine take over your life always stay committed determined and motivated, Don’t give up and keep up the good work ethic as you will get rewarded later.

Thank You