Anil Nair’s Powerful Inspiring Speech on “Great teachers don’t teach “.

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

According to me – A teacher not only teaches a Subject , but also teaches the students how live life. Every morning when I entered into the 4 walls of a classroom ,I could feel the rush of adrenaline. There was a new found excitement in life. I kept asking myself – ” What next, What more and What else ” . I wondered why I had evaded this profession for so many years. So I focussed on taking education beyond Academics. I truely believe that a classroom is not only a ” Temple of Learning ” , but most importantly a ” Temple of Transformation “. So I miss no opportunity to provide children or my teammates holistic growth using stories I read or Incidents that motivated me .

The greatest joy one can derive is from turning lives around. Nothing is as exciting and rewarding as being the cause of somebody’s success. only a teacher is bestowed with this unique gift.

One correction , One advice, One Kind Word, One warning , a helping hand , one reassurance , one suggestion,one opportunity ,one pat , one appreciation , one smile..That’s all it takes to turn a child’s life aroung.

There was a deep sense of satisfaction that we could be a Catalyst in students life. Indeed teachers are God’s choosen Ones. God creates and a Teacher Recreates.

My Experience validate the saying ” A teacher effects eternity- He never knows where his influence stops..

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