Autobigraphy (public speech) – Aleksey Osipov

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Aleksey Osipov’s public speech On Autobigraphy.

Let me ask you a question in the way the modern mass media does
Who are you, professor Osipov?
Great. Of course, the question is not simple and so I will have to go to confession.
The first thing I would like to tell is that when I was about 4 or 5 years old I kept on asking my Mother the same question ‘Where I came to life from?’
And as she probably got annoyed with the question she once said: “I have bought you in the market”.
I got calm after that and now I know that I was born here on Earth, I am not an alien, nothing of incarnation has happened to me before and my life started exactly here. Moreover, I am convinced that no incarnation will happen to me. Although sometimes I am asked that question about my attitude to cloning. My answer is “oh, it’s very positive”. I would stay home, reading books, going places of my interest and my clones would go everywhere and give public speeches instead of me. 1:43
It would be lovely but so far that heaven of havens is out of reach for me. Seriously speaking I did not differ from ordinary people as I ate, drank, studied, studied at a seminary and later at the academy but the most serious study started only when I began to teach students. 2:09
The Romans were right saying ‘docente distius’ which means ‘learning by teaching’ and I understood it indeed. The real study starts only when you begin to teach others. Only then you start realizing that firstly, you know nothing. Secondly, that you understand almost nothing. Thirdly, that you cannot be a teacher at all for one obvious reason as you do nothing yourself. For becoming a teacher, especially when we speak about such divine things like Christian Pedagogy and teaching Christian Truths, is impossible without a person becoming a Christian themselves at least a little. 2:57
And frankly speaking, it was a great discovery for me as I was far from being the person I should be. So then by continuing my study and being more and more convinced in the fact that the more I study and the more the limits seem to be pushed the less, which does not seem but is in fact, I know which is absolutely natural as the limits are pushed exponentially I’d rather say whereas, on the contrary, you realize that the size of your knowledge grows in arithmetic progression. In that manner, you come to the very conclusion brilliantly formulated by Academician Naan. “How much you need to learn to realize how little in fact you know”. 3:51
This is how I can describe my current state of things. Presently, I am a professor, as you have mentioned I believe, of Moscow Spiritual Academy and lecture on Basic Theology as the wide audience know the discipline although all the students know its different title which is more accurate but confessional and is unknown to the rest of people as this discipline is titled the Most Basic Theology but not simply Basic Theology, of course. 4:27
So, as you see, this is my entire life. The other things are not worth mentioning as they are extremely ordinary. Although there is one thing which probably is not typical for many people. Here I am giving lectures at the Academy and publically, receive a lot of different letters, see how good I am, my getting better and better, I believe and now I can’t help waiting to become sainting alive. But, unfortunately, it does not happen. And when I speak about it everyone starts laughing I still don’t know why. It is not funny, is it? So it goes. This is my entire biography. There is one more thing to tell you and that thing is the day and the time of my entering the other world which is not revealed to me. I still do not know it and that is why my life has not been over yet. You said that my life is under my belt, yes that true everything which is under my belt has passed but the most important thing is what lies ahead. 5:47
Let the Lord allow me, at least during that period of time, be an Orthodox Christian. This is what at least I am dreaming of although the Holy Fathers prohibit dreaminess. They say that dreaminess is the easiest and the straightest way to a spiritual deception. Oh, let the Lord forbid to fall into a state of that sin. On the other hand, is it possible to dream of such thing or not to become an Orthodox Christian? Yes, you need to. This is the last question I haven’t answered yet.