Avengers Infinity War: The Big Pieces The Movie Might Be Missing – The John Campea Show

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On this episode of The John Campea Show, John discusses the following topics:

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PATREON Supporter Puneet Singh – New Ready Player One posters have been released which seem to be playing heavily on the Nostalgia factor of the audience with posters mimicking Back To The Future, Rambo, Goonies, Labyrinth, Matrix, Iron Gaint, etc. I love them but they seem to be not that greatly accepted by the public. What are your thoughts? Thanks and bring on the filthy!

Lukeman Hakim – Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War covers for Entertainment Weekly? If you count the heroes on these covers, there are EXACTLY 22 heroes, just like it’s said “22 HEROES, 6 INFINITY STONES, 1 MAD TITAN”. I’m beginning to think Ant-Man and Hawkeye are: A) not in Infinity War, or B) their appearance might reveal a spoiler and/or important to the plot and maybe it’ll involve some big surprise in the movie? Any theory?

Ellie Montgomery – I heard that the new Avengers movie will be over 2.5 hours long. I heard you say you think that’s probably the sweet spot, but I’m a bit worried it may either be too long or too short. Some movie fans won’t go to movie much longer than 2 hours, but on the other hand can you do in just 2.5 hours all that they need to do? I guess I just feel it should either be longer or shorter. What do you think?


– Robert Downey Jr suggests deaths in Infinity War
– His Dark Materials lands King’s Speach director
– Ralph Fines joins Official Secrets
– Mackenzie Davis may be new star of TERMINATOR
– Sopranos prequel movie in the works

All this and much more!