Best Father of the Bride Speech Ever!! 2014

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

So set the scene, it is a well known fact amongst the family, as well as your daughter that you do not feel very comfortable with public speaking (isn’t that the same for a lot of us). So getting up to speak on your daughters big day can be a daunting experience.

Here is how Gavin – Father to Stef and new father in law to Adam got over that (with the help of uncles, son in law, grandad, grandson and chief choreographer, sister Sarah) on the couples big day.

A couple of people have asked for subtitles due to Gavin’s nerves so here is the speech at the beginning…’Ladies and Gentleman, as father of the bride, it is my privilege to make the first speech. I would like to start by saying what a real privilege it is to welcome you all on this joyous occasion. Today, we on the top table are surrounded by friends and family who are the most important people throughout our lives, some of them travelled many miles , and I am sure you will all agree that Stef looks beautiful today, and I am a very proud father………I could do with a bit of air so…I’m going to put the air conditioning on……….Sorry about this….erm, erm…..Sorry…I must have pressed the wrong button…

Look out for the words ‘I need a bit of air so I’m going to put the air conditioning on!’

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