Best Motivational Speech EVER ► WHY PEOPLE FAIL !! Les Brown Motivation

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Best Motivational Speech EVER ► WHY PEOPLE FAIL !! Les Brown Motivation

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But will cause you to come up with all types of excuses that you can validate your in action and not acting on your dream and right now more than ever people need to look for ways to live their dream people leave me to look for ways to make it on their own there is no such thing as job security there’s no such thing as a storm proof or tragic proof life there are no guarantees the day ladies and gentlemen the illusion is gone there was a time when when we graduated from high school you’re told go to college and get out and you go and work for corporation for 30 or 40 years that give your goal watching you retire.

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Special announcement that day is gone that day is gone never to return again so instead of people living in fear feeling stressed out feeling powerless feeling like victims i think it should be a time that we need to begin to look at ways that we can become an active force in our own lives look at ways when we can decide to take charge of our own destiny look at ways when we can decide to design a life of substance and begin to truly live our dreams and it’s time for people inside i’m ready to get on with my life shake somebody’s hand on your writing life again he Bob may say they say don’t let nobody turn around do that right now .

A lot of people say i’m going to live my life one day when things get right when i get all my bills paid when i get my feet on the ground I say whatever you been walking all you see there no problem free moments guy named dimples had a record one time call if it ain’t one thing it’s another and I save it ain’t one thing is 12 others always something there to Bill occasion why you can’t move on why you can’t grow to the next level why you can’t begin to manifest your greatness why you can’t begin to live life on your terms always something there to block you to keep you where you are and keep you from beginning to develop your true greatness always .

Some fear how do we handle it and I’m saying that if you’ve been hiding out behind but if you’ve been using the fact that you don’t have enough money or you don’t have the education take it head-on don’t get the education I was saying to a guy the other day who was saying he the US and hobbled are you as 47 years old is your sister tell me that you can’t read he said that’s right I said why well you know I I didn’t go to school and skills how old are you 47 47 yes and you can’t read or write yes have you ever heard of adults tool adult education have you decided that you should learn how to read to begin to expand your world .

Why are you using that as a racket why don’t you decide now that you can expand your world that if other people can learn you could learn to well it’s hard for me how do you have you been and sit in a class ship have you signed up yet no I haven’t see a lot of people say no ladies and gentlemen two things and they don’t even know what they say no to have even challenged himself he hasn’t even gone to set into a class and say teach me holler e instead it’s been easier for him to go for life he thinks trying to play a whole con game pretending he knows how to do something that he doesn’t know how to do and you know what most of us go through life like that most of us go through life pretending pretending that we’re satisfied where we are pretending that everything is ok for tending that that we don’t have any special goals or ambitions or desires

Best Motivational Speech EVER ► WHY PEOPLE FAIL !! Les Brown Motivation

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