Best Motivational Videos Speeches For Success In Life | Long Compilation Ft. Rafael Eliassen

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The best motivational videos for success in your life. This compilation of motivational speeches are for taking what you do to the next level.
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Videos included:
0:00 – Deserve more – by Ben Lionel Scott
4:33 – How bad do you want it? – by Rousse Ben Motivation
8:45 – Change Everything – by MotivationGrid
11:36 – Opportunity – by Motivational Videos

Playlist where you can find the rest:

This video is made with the intent of combining the best motivational videos that have been done featuring Rafael Eliassen as the main speaker. Everyone needs a boost of motivation and energy – let this compilation help you get in to that peak-state of mind where you can accomplish absolutely anything. The best motivational speeches are the ones that hit you on a deep emotional level, that is the purpose of this compilation.
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