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Bill Gates is undoubtedly the richest person of the world. He is multi-billionaire giant among the top richest icons. He is the founder and owner of renowned company Microsoft Inc. which is the also one of the biggest and prolific tech company. Apart from it, he has several other businesses as well round the globe.
Moreover, he is also one of the generous and kind hearten soul. He has donated millions of dollars every month. He has established numerous Charity Homes in all over the world for poor and needy people.
Polio vaccination has been provided by him in all the countries of the world since one decade.
Last but not the least, Forbes Magazine declared him on top of the list of the top ten richest people of the world again in 2015.
Purpose of human life is to be successful. In this world every human has talent but due to negative mind conditioning, they forget their own talent. These negative thoughts come from environment, fear of failure or any excuses. Most of the human they forget their life’s purpose. They forget their actual potential to achieve what they want. They forget their own power due to negative mind conditioning. Human life is more precious and his brain is most powerful or extremely powerful. Everybody come on this earth for experiences. You are continuously gaining experiences. If you change your mind thoughts after that you always feel good experiences in all condition. My aim is everybody to be happy and successful in their life. This channel will help you to stay motivated, achieve your life goals. Inspiration or motivation is the key factor of success. This channel is in hindi language.
Copyright Information: The Motivational Story and Inspirational Story shared in this video is not my original creation. I have heard it before and I am just providing with some more modification to help others. I just want to help the people to get more easily through difficult times. Thank You I made this video with the intention to help others.
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