Dabbatal Ardd Peacock said Allahuakbar in Mosque Inaugration.

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Pliz Watch all Miracle VDOS with Peacocks. People didn’t believe me but Allah made Peacocks speak for me who recognized me as Jesus Messiah Mahdi & gave witness more than 150 times. They R neither my trained pets nor friends nor habituated to respond on calls. Quran Anamal:82 say about a creature from earth speaking to unbelievers who don’t believe signs of Allah. I hope this verse is is being certified now with Peacocks. After seeing these miracles none can deny me. These VDOS are natural, unedited & direct as shot. I uploaded many VDOS so that people can judge. I knew about its prophecies only after 7th July 2015 when for the first time Peacocks gave witness for me naturally after my short distressful sermon to 3 of my followers. 5 days after I had vision about the books of Biharul Anwar & after research found the prophecies about angel Gabriel’s pledging (a) alliance to me first as a Bird from Black stones (Hajre Aswad), then angel Michael (a) with 24 continuous rains to make my believers group strong. So it all happened from July 7th till 21st September 2015. On 15-9-15 I reached to my Vaman Avtar’s prophetic land where I was greeted especially by the Peacocks again which alarmed me & my followers some extraordinary uniqueness (Ummat E Madooda). Then same time I tested by calling “Allahuakbar again”. I received immediate 7 call backs from Peacocks around 7 am but I couldn’t record that after 7th July 2015. Then I could record again same time through my mobile few such witnesses which were totally especial for me & which even surprised my children, neighbors & 3 of my followers. Then I decided to record those witnesses for public. I prayed to Allah who made Indian National Bird Peacocks give witnesses for me whenever demanded. And all my followers tried a lot but got no responses at all from peacocks. Then 80% of the clear witnesses R recorded. I had prayed to Allah to make Peacocks speak for me for another 7 days so that I could record & show to public. So it really happened. Are these speeches of Peacocks not the warnings to unbelievers? I never knew this Peacocks activity before 7th July 2015 & I couldn’t even C or touch them.They R not habituated to be invoked from people’s shouts or calls. I spoke my language & they gave perfect witnesses who don’t even keep on shouting all the times. U can easily know from the VDOs itself. The Peacocks spoke for me just like believers so sharply, especially & an unbelievable miraculous relation between us is seen. After seeing these miracles people become spell bound & cannot deny me. Allah is great & C his Miracles. Every religion is against antichrist 666 (my rival group of false messiah) & Mahdi himself is Messiah the Jesus Christ of 2nd coming and its me. Wait ! Think thrice before You deny me? Do Justice for yourself first ! The world awaiting me everywhere & demanding an answer from Allah of his existence. Now I am his answer with 1290 personal I.D. proofs from holy books. Now is it good to deny me when I certify every holy book practically? Please think thrice B4 you deny truth? I Jesus was never lifted to heaven physically with body but travelled to a distant land & clouds covered me. My graveyard was supposed to be hidden like that of Moses (a), as I had come 2000 years back to certify Tora. The King Abdullah’s death, Fahad’ becoming king before him, the 4 blood moons, Venus Jupitor Mars conjections,the lunar solar eclipses in 1982, 2002, 2003 in Ramdan, the hand in heavens, sky, the Jamat Ahmadiyya’s (False Christ’s 666 the Beasts Rev 13) centres in 201 countries, discoveries of Ark, Ark of covenant, Sodom, Gomorrah, electricity, Skype internet. All R my signs & then my 1290 I.D. proofs along with biblical, Quran, hadiths holy scenes & Miracles also. Miracles of Peacocks giving my witness to be Jesus Christ reborn as Mahdi Messiah. Shia book prophecies Biharul Anwar Vol. 51,52,53 about Mahdi Biharul Anwar R symbolic & came true which Shia took them to be literal. Jesus Christ 2nd coming himself is Mahdi & there was no Mahdi B4 me. I was Muslim in my last incarnation in Syria Isreal Jerusalem Nazareth & now also I am Muslim which means believe in Allah, Yweh, Om, circumcise, prostrate, kneel down to Allah, fast, believe in all holy books. I am reborn on 24-03-1973 on sabath dawn & appeared exactly at the 40 yrs age in new distant hidden replaced land of Israel the India, Telangana, Hyderabad Deccan where most Polythiests, Muslims, Edomites, Moabites, Canaanites, daughter killers, superstitious live. No way But Islam. Quran is final secured Veda (knowledge) from Allah (Om, Elohim, Yweh). I reincarnated with those who were executed last time. I am Mahdi of Holy scriptures.I am Mahdi of Holy scriptures.(1) Miracle of Jesus Christ Mahdi. Peacocks Spoke. Must Watch! https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=8qEB-qCszFU (2) Jesus Christ Mahdi Miracle Peacocks speak! English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmPCgraZ1Zw (VDO689)