Donald Trump Carrier Plant FULL SPEECH First MAJOR Speech Since Winning Election 12/1/16 ✔

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Donald Trump First MAJOR Speech Since Winning Election – Carrier Victory Lap in Indiana MUST WATCH

Donald Trump Carrier Plant FULL Speech 12/1/16


Donald J. Trump & Governor Mike Pence
2:00 PM

President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence will hold an event with Carrier.
This event is closed to the public.

Full Event: Donald Trump, Mike Pence Carrier Plant Announcement 12/1/16
Thursday, December 1, 2016: Coverage of President-Elect Trump and VP-Elect Pence’s announcement at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis.

Donald Trump Carrier Plant FULL Speech 12/1/16. Donald J. Trump had been vowing for months on the campaign trail to call the head of Carrier from the Oval Office and hit the company with huge tariffs if it followed through on its decision to close two Indiana factories and move more than 2,000 jobs to Mexico. President-elect Donald Trump spoke in Indiana this afternoon to address the much-talked-about deal with Carrier to keep jobs in the United States. The deal reportedly gives Carrier million in tax breaks over the next 10 years to keep hundreds of jobs in the country (though Carrier is still planning to move many jobs to Mexico). Trump declared at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis this afternoon, “Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences.” He lamented the “one-way street” of businesses going into Mexico, and he obliquely referred to the Clintons as he recalled NATFA.
“These companies aren’t gonna be leaving anymore,” the president-elect said. “They’re not gonna be taking people’s hearts out. They’re not gonna be announcing, like they did at Carrier, that they’re closing up and they’re moving to Mexico.” “This is so easy,” he told cheering crowds last spring. “It’s not presidential when the president calls up the head of a damn air-conditioning company, but it’s so much fun for me.” In the end, it wasn’t that easy. The deal with Carrier that Mr. Trump came here Thursday to claim credit for will save only 1,000 jobs, with Carrier receiving state economic incentives negotiated by Mike Pence, Indiana’s governor and soon to be vice president. Since the deal was disclosed on Tuesday, critics have pounced on Carrier’s receipt of 0,000 a year in incentives from the state of Indiana — just the kind of corporate giveaways Mr. Trump knocked as he slammed Carrier on the campaign trail last spring. Carrier officials confirmed that the state of Indiana has offered the company a multiyear million incentive package.

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