Dr Judy Wilyman PhD speech at Sydney No Jab No Play Rally 12-9-17

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Judy Wilyman was a science teacher for 20 years before completing a Master of Science
degree (Population Health) in 2007 at the University of Wollongong, Australia. She has also
lectured in environmental health issues at Murdoch University, Western Australia. In
December 2015 she completed a PhD investigating the science and politics of Australia’s
vaccination policies. Her PhD is titled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s
rationale for its vaccination policy’ and it covers the history of the decline of infectious
diseases in Australia and an assessment of the rigor of the science underpinning the
Australian government’s claims that ‘vaccines are safe and effective’.
SYDNEY RALLY NO JAB NO PLAY NO WAY! SCIENCE NOT LOBBYISTS! On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, we gathered in Martin Place, close to NSW Parliament House, to protest against the NSW No Jab No Play legislation – which bans unvaccinated children from entering childcare and pre-school, and closes the ‘conscientious and religious objector’ loophole. The erosion of parental rights to make informed decisions on children’s health and vaccine safety issues were our themes. We chanted, “My Body My Choice” and “Vaccines cause harm”. The speakers included: Dr Judy Wilyman, PhD, Allona Lahn – from Fit To Parent Network, Michael O’Neil – from Involuntary Medication Objector Party (IMOPs), Dr Kevin Coleman and parents of vaccine-injured kids. We also had a rally song, a mum’s poem and other mum’s sent us their child’s injury story to read. We aimed to have non-stop speeches for 4 hours, so we ran the main speakers and parents twice, and we only had one short break in the middle! This meant Martin Place crowds had a lot to listen to. Our speakers were fantastic – talks will be available on the rally page and they were broadcast live on the No Jab No Pay Freedom of Choice Facebook page on the day. Allona Lahn was also our MC. She was fabulous and took on a really tough gig! But, she never missed a beat. She engaged the audience, took on questions from the public, and kept it moving! Our fantastic rally team also worked tirelessly. They put in a huge effort on the day and also before the rally…with very short notice from the NSW government about this legislation. We also had a fabulous new Anonymous group. They took a corner of the rally, wore masks, and held laptop’s and screens showing vaccine-injury testimony and pictures from mums and dads. This is silent and the parents words are printed on screen as they talk. The public was happy to stand quietly and watch this video presentation. Particularly as we left them alone to do this. It is a terrific medium to get the message across. Many engaging conversations with the general public took place on the day, and created a lot more awareness about the issue. We handed out a lot of info and sold books. We were particularly happy to be in front of a big hospital – many of the staff walked through and were ‘educated’. LOL. Although the legislation went through, there were impassioned pleas during the actual debate on the Wednesday in Parliament from a number of the Upper House MPs. This gave us hope! After the rally on the Tuesday, a group of us moved to Parliament house foyer and waited into the evening to go in to Parliament to hear the debate, but it was postponed until Wednesday. We made an impact though, as the politicians and the security knew we were waiting there. Also, our protest group was mentioned in MPs speeches about the legislation. We must continue to be seen! We have to make our own media and publicity – now the mainstream media is bought – on this and many other issues. We really felt the desperate need from the public for us to keep doing this. We are their only voice. We realised the trolls and big pharma employees, like media and government agencies and many MPs, are really a VERY small part of this big country! The public is huge! They want to talk to us! They want us to do something about this issue. In the end, none of us want our children sold to the pharmaceutical industry. Please join with other local like-minded parents and link in. There is so much we can do! So, let’s get what we all KNOW out into the mainstream public! View our recent No Jab No Pay/Play rallies here: https://nojabnopaynoway.weebly.com/ Please click space bars at the top right hand corner to view our Press Releases and 2017 Gallery.