Elvis Presley – 1971 Jaycees’ Speech

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Elvis Presley – 1971 JC’s Acceptance Speech for being selected among the “10 Outstanding Young Men Of The Year”, Memphis, Tennessee, US.
One of the few public speeches Elvis ever made. In 1971 Elvis was given an award for being among “America’s 10 Outstanding Young Men”. This piece of footage’s on YouTube but we slightly restored both sound and footage. Elvis said a few, poignant words: “When I was a child, ladies & gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books & I was the hero of the comic book; I saw movies & I was the hero of the movie. So, every dream I’d ever dreamed has come true a 100 times”. He then says that “Building the Kingdom of Heaven may not be far-fetched” & says that very early on in life he learned that:
“Without a song, the day would never end/Without a song, a man ain’t got no friend/Without a song, Rome would have never been/ …Without a song.. So, I just keep singing the song”.