Forum Romanum Video – Ancient Political Center of Rome

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Forum Romanum or Roman Forum Video – Ancient Political Center of Rome. This is just an overview of our quick walk around The Forum. There is so much more to the Forum Romanum as the Romans called it.

The Forum Romanum is truly one of the amazing ancient sights to behold. You will notice we spotted the Circle Symbol and so much more. –

“The Roman Forum Latin – Forum Romanum, Italian – Foro Romano – is a rectangular forum or plaza surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome. Citizens of the ancient city referred to this space, originally a marketplace, as the Forum Magnum, or simply the Forum.

It was for centuries the center of Roman public life the site of triumphal processions and elections the venue for public speeches, criminal trials, and gladiatorial matches and the nucleus of commercial affairs.” See fuul article on the Forum Romanum here –

Forum Romanum or Roman Forum HD Video.