How to Create Humor using Alliterations

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How to Create Humor using Alliterations

Do you want to know how to add Humor to your speeches? Why do you love someone’s speeches? What makes you say – there is something beautiful about the speech? Ever wondered what makes the joke special?

This video explains the concept of Alliterations (Use of similar sounding words) and how it can help in your speeches. It also has a live speech example and breaks down the different elements that represent alliterations. It follows on to explain how Alliterations can be used a tool to create humor.

Please do check the video on – How to create Humor. It explains the fundamentals structure of humor (Premise, Pause & Punch)

If you want to learn more about comedy and humor, I would strongly recommend Judy Carter’s book ( I learnt how to construct humor using this book. This is Gold.

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