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Independence Day 2016 Speech in Hindi & in English language for School Childrens and Teachers to speak on the stage.
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70 th independence is going to celebrate in India on 15 august 2016. When every school will celebrate this festival by distributing the sweets and by organizing this day with a chief guest who will give start this day by lifting the India’s Flag. In the parade ground there will be marches and lots of public will visit to watch that parade. Cultural dance and events will also take place on this day where the Kathak dance will be done most. This is the 70th independence day so this get more searches because now we have crossed the series of 60th. Remember one thing that we have to respect our flag. So these small plastic flags are mostly sell by the local sellers so before buying remember we have to respect so that no flag must be seen lying on this land of mother. You can give speech on this day in Hindi or in English language in you are a student in school. Otherwise you can participate in the events which will help in every city. Independence day is a day when we feel the happiness that we are not ruling by the another and we got all the human rights like the other people of different countries, so feel proud and distribute love on this day with the smile of happiness. 15 august 1947 was the happiest day for the Indians at that time because we even don’t have any idea how many Indian freedom fighters lost their lives and their family faced a lot of problems. But Indians govt. give the respect the all the people by giving them priority. We should have this felling of doing sacrifice for our country, religion dosent matter and we all are Indians and equal this is the best thing which our country reflects.
Independence day 2016 speech
Independence day speech in English
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Independence day speech in English