Info-Whores #7 Patty Greer and Sarah Westall on C60, Free Speach, Peace

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Info-Whores #7 with Patty Greer and Sarah Westall – 1/18/18
The ladies dug deep to bring you the bottom line in world changing events, and offered their personal conclusions. Meet one of the top internet news show hosts Sarah Westall who has a massive audience across the world, and her videos are powerful! She has interviewed more than 300 very well-informed people over the years. Half of those shows are available on her YouTube channel : Sarah Westall, Business Game Changers.


After all of those interviews I asked her for her personal punchlines: What were your toughest shows? What were your very favorite shows? Do you think humanity will survive this chapter of history?
What was different about this show was that we delved into the heart of very intense issues and addressed them through compassionate conversations that made sense. My final question was most important to me, “Do you think humanity will win the present war against hidden satanic and pedophile world government leaders across the world?”
Her most astute response was this, “Only if the Internet stays open and the truth remains free.” This means free speech and the end of blatant and intolerable suppression on YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, TV and every other public news venue.
Sarah Westall is one of the more powerful women today who left the business world after producing a mega million dollar business, then being disgusted by the consistent fraud and deceit of the business world. Her personal experiences gave her the passion to do these world changing shows fearlessly, relentlessly and continuously.
Patty Greer is a multi award-winning UFO filmmaker, including 2 new 2017 EBE awards at the International UFO Congress Convention for her final Crop Circle film, “Crop Circle Diaries.” This film caused such a ruckus because of its value to humanity, that she became the most hacked UFO filmmaker in the world over the last few years.
When Patty asked Sarah about her favorite show she exploded with enthusiasm about the healing product she uses called C60 Purple Power, mixed with hydrogen water. Sarah has been revived back to radiant health and you can see it when you look at her. Go Sarah!
Patty is also taking C60 daily and additionally you can see her healing results. The carbon 60 molecule is still somewhat of a secret to the public, but the few people who have discovered it are healing tremendously and quickly. Website:
These 2 women have persevered and brought a tremendous amount of truth to the public for years. This is a show that you don’t want to miss if you are wondering about the outcome for humanity and the truth behind the veil of many fraudulent earth situations today.
Watch Sarah’s show with Patty Greer and Ken the scientist discussing the science and benefits of C60 Purple Power:
“Energy Weapons, C60 Source of Life, Newton & Gravity Redefined”

To view Patty Greer’s award winning film:

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