Lady Grace Mugabe When the bad turns out for the best

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.When the bad turns out for the best.
Imagine, if Eve was not there, what could have happened to Adam?
If Delilah never came into Samson’s life, what could have happened?
There is more to learn in as much as life between a husband and wife is concerned.
Look at what the former First Lady Grace Mugabe has caused to Robert, former President of Zimbabwe who was in power since Zimbabwe gained independence which makes it 37 years. Grace Mugabe has left many questioning her sanity through her public speeches which were very much comprised with affronts.

The now first lady of Zimbabwe Auxilia is no saint, Mrs Auxilia Mnangagwa was in politics long before she got married to the now President of Zimbabwe, Cde ED Mnangagwa. Actually, they met at a Government function, at work.

On the other hand, the former First Lady was working as a typist and was not in any way directly involved in politics. Grace Mugabe largely stayed out of politics until 2014 when she was appointed President of Zanu- PF’s Women’s League When Grace Mugabe eventually ventured into politics; she was bound to cause a lot of trouble because it was a thing she forced herself into. Politics was not her thing but her famish of power made her found a way into politics. Grace always had threats for those who opposed her, she used hostile language.

The way Grace dealt with politics was uncivilized and was far beyond what is expected from a person who holds a Doctorate, which eventually led to the fall of the longest serving President, RG Mugabe. I am sure if it was not for Grace, people could have waited until July 2018 to appoint a new leader by voting and not by means of a Coup which took place on 21 September 2017.

This Coup made me think the unity day of Zimbabwe should be changed to 2 September because on this day, all people of Zimbabwe were united, people from different races and political parties. Grace’s actions and public speeches were the matchstick that ignited and contributed much to the downfall of his Excellency RG Mugabe.

The Coup forced and led RG Mugabe to resign. I am sure a lot of people learned from Robert and Grace Mugabe in as far as marriage is concerned too, to choose wisely.

If Robert still had the late Sally Mugabe as his wife, he could have resigned before overstaying his welcome as the President of Zimbabwe and live a happy life afterwards just like any other President could do. Sally, Robert’s first wife could have been a restraining influence to her husband if only she was still alive. Grace’s lavish lifestyle in the midst of economic fallout is to be blamed too.

Sally was loved for her apparent sense of modesty and public work. Even though there is nothing much known about Sally Mugabe, from the little that people know, Sally was a woman of virtue.

I ken another Sally existing in the form of the now First Lady, Auxilia Mnangagwa. Mrs Mnangagwa is a good example of a First Lady from what I know and have seen so far. Women or let me say wives should be there to bring about a positive change in a man’s life.

I feel inspired by Mrs Auxilia Mnangagwa. I remember recently before ED Mnangagwa was given a sack, the former President and the former First Lady gave speeches at political rallies roasting Mnangagwa. To make matters worse, he was even roasted in the presence of everyone else including his wife.
To show some level of sanity and humility, Mnangagwa and his wife neither responded nor took action in public.

Imagine if maybe Auxilia Mnangagwa had done the same to RG Mugabe in public and with Grace Mugabe present, what could have happened? Was Grace going to be able to control herself and chill as if nothing has happened just like what Mrs Mnangagwa did?

I remember very well at one point, the crowd even cheered and clapped hand as Mnangagwa was being bantered. Mnangagwa also joined the crowd’s response and was clapping his hands too as if it was not him the subject of the mild insult. Men should be very much careful when choosing a woman to marry.

Otherwise, instead of your wife to build you up and help you rise, she can also break you and destroy you. Imagine how Eve convinced Adam into eating the forbidden fruit; imagine how Delilah convinced Samson to cut his hair. A wife can have a very significant role to play either a positive role or a negative role in a husband’s life.

The public was left in question of Grace’s maturity, as a mother figure and former mother of the nation, Grace was supposed to lead by example and not fight Mnangagwa in public. Some issues could have just been solved in private and I am sure things could not have gotten this far. They had to sit and discuss issues as adults and public figures without involving the public in personal tensions. By how Grace Muga
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