Les Brown ► SAD MOTIVATIONAL STORIES ABOUT LIFE ► Best Motivational Speech

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Les Brown ► SAD MOTIVATIONAL STORIES ABOUT LIFE ► Best Motivational Speech

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Don’t Let Anyone else Define Who You Are ~ Les Brown

You’re gonna have to dance with life so you might as well learn you some steps because it’s gonna drag you out on the floor any harm so you better get out there try to twist do something like this look at all right they could like go put some not so your head huh I mean you can you come up and breeches and slap you all before everybody.

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Its that’s it why it’s called life no one is immune just take just over a year ago everybody charm I Donald Trump he was a darling of America the American dream for field just over a year ago less than two years everything that people were bragging about this wealthy invincible American American figure look what has happened now everyone no one no one is exempt from that talking to a friend of mine by the name of Maria Maria who was diagnosed as having muscular dystrophy at age 15 and wheelchair bound figured that nothing happened her.

She was somewhat immune she felt unconsciously from any more accidents or misfortunes in life a wheelchair malfunction she fell out suffered a closed head injury almost went blind lost her memory and concentration for a long period of time she said on that day less i decided to live i said why she said life is about today she said I felt because what happened to me I was exempt somehow no no life will knock on everybody’s door I don’t care how who you are and how nice you are light will come get you like people will dislike you because you’re nice oh she thinks she’s nice you too miss miss goody-two-shoes people with this like you because you look better than they do because you have more than if they do that the obvious and make up lies about you and attack you the envious of you why I don’t know that’s the way you set up.

I don’t know I don’t even ask any questions that’s just the way it is that’s the wait is handle it and that’s what Maria said less I want to live she said they told me I was going to go blind as a way we can you imagine me around the shopping center in a wheelchair and a walking dog 20 she said I’m go see doc I’ve got to as she can see today that that willpower that determinate very positive upbeat person i say but don’t don’t sometimes you feel sorry for yourself and don’t you wish you had the capacity to what other people do .

She said I don’t waste my time comparing my condition with other people one and she said people that suffer from a lack of motivation suffer mainly from a lack of self-appreciation she said I know that I have value in the fact that I’m in a wheelchair doesn’t make me any less of a human being who can contribute something to life and I’m saying that there are all of us can begin to affirm that that my life is worthwhile doesn’t matter what I’ve experienced doesn’t matter about what I don’t have doesn’t matter about what I’ve gone through

Les Brown ► SAD MOTIVATIONAL STORIES ABOUT LIFE ► Best Motivational Speech