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Les brown is a motivational speaker who made many motivational workshops like it’s possible &You Gotta be Hungry . Les brown inspire people to achieve their dreams through changing your mindset . Les Brown published many motivational speeches in most American states & motivational audio books co-operating with Eric Thomas

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Les Brown ► WHY ME GOD

I was in my comfort zone I was doing just enough to get by was working on a job they paid me just
enough to keep me from quitting and I were just hard enough to keep fromgetting fired how many know people like that blank eyes that you understand what I’m talking about I was party I knew I could do more but when my mama died it took something out of me when I went through a divorce it took something out of me when my best friend died it took something out of me I part and somebody said that life is like an onion you have to peel it one layer at a time and sometimes you cry like it’s going to happen to you when you have a dream you’re gonna get slapped around and don’t take it personal don’t ask why did this have to happen to me why not you who would you suggest you want to give us some names and email addresses and don’t tell everybody eighty percent don’t care and twenty percent glad as you.

It’s called life suck it up and move on get over it it happens to everybody here’s the other thing is you look at your goals and look at your dreams when you’re going through some stuff repeat out to be pleased when things go wrong don’t go with them yes write that down when things go wrong don’t go with them when you’re working on a business deal you’re counting on some money someone said you will get the loan and it falls through you have an event and the people that you thought would be there and support you .

They don’t come through but someone turns against you or you get ripped off it’s gonna happen to you happen to me someone stole all my products my database over a hundred and eighty thousand names and addresses it’s not personal it’s going to happen to everybody it does eight out of ten millionaires have been financially bankrupt Walt Disney had seven people filed bankruptcy seven times and had two nervous breakdowns it’s called life but I got a saying when life knocks you down trying to land on your back because if you can look up you can get up you’ve got the power in you to do that you’ve got something special you got come back power here’s the other thing let’s say together it’s possible it’s necessary it’s me yes write that down it’s me take ownership for your life.