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First released on 26th February 2006, this DEFINITIVE presentation aims for a new investigation into the role played by Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in the 21st February 1965 assassination of Malcolm X:

On 21st February 1990, in a speech entitled ‘The Murder of Malcolm X: 25 Years Later – What Really Happened?’ (delivered at Malcolm X College in Chicago), Louis Farrakhan presented what was purported to be the ‘real story’ behind the assassination of Malcolm X. Farrakhan’s account (later repeated in two parts during his ‘Saviours Day’ convention in February of 1993) was riddled with inaccuracies, revisions and patent FALSEHOODS designed to absolve Elijah Muhammad, himself and the Nation of Islam of any criminal culpability in the brutal murder of Malcolm X. In this presentation, Farrakhan’s narrative is systematically challenged in key areas and in a manner which raises serious doubts about the truthfulness of his account:

This includes, but is not limited to, Farrakhan’s timeline and characterisation of a meeting at which Malcolm informed him of Elijah Muhammad’s adultery (6:54); Malcolm’s own account of that meeting as recorded in his 1965 autobiography (9:22); Farrakhan’s dubious claims that Malcolm sought to manipulate Elijah Muhammad’s secretaries (20:21); Farrakhan’s supposedly ‘shocked’ reaction to the adultery revelations (12:08); Farrakhan’s false timeline of Malcolm’s disclosures of Elijah Muhammad’s adultery to the news media (28:04); Farrakhan’s 1993 celebration of Malcolm’s assassination (33:41); Farrakhan’s 1993 ‘Saviours Day’ parade of Elijah Muhammad’s ‘wives’ (35:20); Farrakhan’s revisionist account of Malcolm’s silencing over the JFK / “Chickens Come Home To Roost” controversy (37:18); Farrakhan’s defamatory 1993 attack on Malcolm’s widow, Betty Shabazz (43:21); Farrakhan’s “I wish it was you being an example for me…” fabrications (48:20); Farrakhan’s grotesque “Malcolm X died in order that I might live…” self-justifications (52:39); Farrakhan’s vainglorious attempts to exalt himself above Malcolm (55:13); And his occasional acknowledgement of Malcolm’s exemplary character (1:01:36); Farrakhan’s suspect claims about his own attempted abortion (1:05:35); Farrakhan’s distortion of Biblical scripture as it relates to the King David murder of Uriah (1:09:26); Farrakhan’s conspiracy theories on the Malcolm X assassination (1:19:27); Farrakhan’s UFO ‘tales’ (1:21:15); Farrakhan’s false parallels of the Khalid Muhammad and Malcolm X disputes (1:25:22); Farrakhan’s cynical 70’s-era efforts to secure funding from Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and Libyan despot Muammar Gaddafi for the making of a revisionist cinematic biopic on the life of Malcolm X (1:28:51):

The film concludes with a call for a full public CONFESSION and APOLOGY by Louis Farrakhan for his and the NOI’s role in the brutal assassination of Malcolm X and demands Farrakhan’s RESIGNATION as leader of the Nation of Islam owing to his having brought the office he holds into disrepute. Having long ‘sat down’ many of his own inept ministers and captains the time has come for the most delinquent of all of the NOI’s ministers – Minister Louis Farrakhan himself – to be ‘sat down’:

***[NOTE TO VIEWER: During the ‘King David/Uriah’ portion of the presentation, the speaker accidentally makes reference to “God punishing Uriah” (1:13:52); he meant to say “God punishing King David”.]***


21st February 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the Malcolm X assassination and we demand that Louis Farrakhan publish ALL of the Nation of Islam’s files and records, in full and without alteration, on the five known assassins of Malcolm X: William X Bradley, Leon Davis, Talmadge Hayer, Albert Benjamin Thomas and Wilbert McKinney. We are also appealing to President Barack Obama to publish all US federal government files and records, without alteration or redaction, relating to the 1965 crime:

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