Public Speaking: Special Occasion Speech – The year 2100

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

This is my “Special Occasion” speech and feel I did very well. I was allowed to make up an occasion to give my speech about, so I decided to pretend that the audience had woken up from Cryogenic suspension in the year 2100. I gave them a briefing on how the world had changed based on what is expected to occur over the next 89 years if the present direction remains as it is. I was able to hold the audience attention and some said it was the best one yet. I look forward to uploading it when I get the video in. All that is left now is the “Group Persuasive Speech” which I am confident will be done well. I have Public Speaking class aced.

Although this is a work of Fiction, every claim made in the video about past events are true and if changes are not made this represents a possible, nay, probable future.


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