Ryan C. Lowe – Professional Motivational Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer, Consultant & Author.

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Ryan C. Lowe is a professional motivational keynote speaker, sales trainer, consultant & author. His passion is to work with organizations that want to inspire and motivate their leaders and team members with principles that will help create a positive culture and mindset to achieve excellence. Mr. Lowe’s keynote presentations are intertwined with professional and personal experiences, including several personal tragedies and a near death experience. He also shares his key message: success isn’t determined by background, experience, or anything else. It’s all in your attitude. In his seminars and his own life, Ryan inspires people to believe in themselves, that they can and will live the life they’ve envisioned by using one major factor: a positive attitude.

His love for helping others makes him one of America’s most exciting motivational keynote speakers. He doesn’t just talk to the audience; he connects with them with his captivating stories, dynamic personality, and contagious enthusiasm. Not only does he share his knowledge in presentations, Ryan writes articles for several magazines and is the author one of the most talked about books in the market today, “Get off Your Attitude.” Ryan and his book have been featured in print, radio and television all over the country. He and his book were highlighted in Selling Power Magazine and were featured by Success Magazine in their Success Book Summary program.

As the President and Chief Attitude Officer of Get off Your Attitude Seminars and Presentations. He has had the opportunity to work with such amazing companies such as Keller Williams, New York Life, University of Phoenix, Abbott Laboratories, Zimmer Solutions, American Heart Association, MetLife Financial Advisors. Ryan received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Southeastern Louisiana University. He is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association.

Ryan’s expertise and his KNOWLEDGE assist organizations in creating a TRANSFORMATIVE atmosphere, RESULTING in a climate of personal Responsibility.

Ryan’s been named by peers and clients as America’s Positive Attitude Coach!

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