Self Motivation lecture in Urdu and Hindi by Saeed Ahmed Motivational Speaker

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Syed Saeed Ahmed is a prominent and inspiring motivational speaker in the Indian subcontinent, who is endowed with astounding spontaneity, incursive mind and a charismatic personality. He has conducted innumerable personality development programs all over India spanning its length and the breadth, for the student community, various stake-holders of the academic community related to the teaching-learning process, corporate sector, communities employed in highly stressed working environments and the class of pseudo-failures who are resigned to their fate. Being ranked among the top Indian motivational speakers, his workshops are quite unique and exclusive, known for their exceptional content backed by his inimitable and captivating style of delivery. His enlivening sessions are intuitive which stimulates the participants to unleash their inherent energies, fulfill their potential and create an intense desire for success and personal excellence. They are highly interactive, participative and action-oriented designed to infuse incredible dynamism and vigour into the participants, helping them to grow personally and professionally.

His successful stints with the revival of pseudo-failures especially those possessing negligible motivational coefficients including those having criminal background, has attracted intense media-attention. Over the past couple of years, articles adulating these achievements have regularly been published in prominent newspapers while his pre‑recorded interviews over the subject being telecasted over several News channels.

Saeed Ahmed as a peace activist and crusader of human brotherhood

On honest assessment of all his stage performances, it will not be unusual to state that all his plays have the theme of national integration, brotherhood, solidarity beyond national boundaries and reverence for human values which are very intelligently pumped into the hearts and minds of the audience through his stage performances.

Saeed Ahmed as a journalist

Concurrent to activities related to theatre and arts, he donned the role of a successful journalist being a correspondent for the Mumbai based Urdu daily “Inquilab” from 1995 to 2001, a freelancer for Hyderabad based Urdu daily “Munsif” and Local Urdu fortnightly “Usool”, Pune. In this reflection of his early career, he had the opportunity of probing political and controversial personalities such as Union Minister Sharad Pawar (NCP), Suresh Kalmadi (MP), Raj Thackeray (MNS), Crusader Anna Hazare and many others by interviewing them personally on matters of some urgent and critical issues.

Saeed Ahmed’s turnover into a motivational speaker

The life being a ‘give and take’ deal, past decades of his wide-ranging career contributed to his learning maturing him enough for a change of platform or ‘second innings’ in which he aspires to now ‘give’. The year 2006 saw him resigning from his well-secured job to venture into turbulent waters of lending his ‘know-how’ for the personality development of all. Thus a time-tested, real-time and thorough-bred motivational speaker, who has experienced all the adversities and learned from every bit of his life, emerged on the national stage.