‘The Barrier to Peace Is Not Israel’: Cruz Slams Trump Over ‘Neutral’ Comment

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At his speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee today, Sen. Ted Cruz earned a big applause when he promised not to be “neutral” in dealings between Israel and the Palestinians.

Less than two hours later, he joined “The Kelly File” to talk more about the differences between himself and his rivals on U.S. policy in the Mideast.

Cruz said that comments made by Donald Trump about being “sort of neutral” in peace talks reflect the “typical media narrative and the view of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that there is somehow a moral equivalency between Israel and the terrorists.”

“The barrier to peace is not Israel,” Cruz said. “Israel wants peace. The barrier to peace is the Palestinian Authority that refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and that continues to support terrorism.”

He said that U.S. must stand unapologetically with Israel and not treat terrorists as if they’re standing on the same level with IDF soldiers fighting to keep people safe.