The BEST Father of the Bride Speech EVER!!

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

My dad is not one for public speaking as you may be able to tell. I was so nervous for him as I knew how nervous he was. My mum had no idea what he was planning to say apart from writing the ‘Flash Cards’ for him (because her handwriting is more legible).
Little did we know that he ad-libbed the whole thing, using the giant ‘flash cards’ as cues.
A lot of our guests have asked to see the speech again and so here it is!
For reference, Nick and I are both over 6 foot, hence the ‘size of the kids’ joke. And yes, Callum is my ex-boyfriend.
He did us proud!

Credit for the video goes to Mick Sheldon – Photographer and Videographer –