The Campus BRACED For A Speech By White Nationalist Richard Spencer, HURRICANE SPENCER

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There has been a state of emergency declared, As well as over 0,000.00 Spent On Security In Florida…Because 1 Man Has Different Opinions…We obviously have our priority’s in order in Florida……I think the police, state of emergency & Over A Half Million Spent On Security has nothing to do with spencer, It has to do with the PEOPLE THAT REACT VIOLENTLY TO HIS SPEACH..

If words are to be countered with violence then how is Spencer the problem? – Here’s The Whole Article

THIS IS REALLY THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE, Like He’s A Tidal Wave?? Or Hurricane
University of Florida and local authorities brace for speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer

Police and protesters swarmed the University of Florida on Thursday as the campus braced for a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer, whose planned appearance led Florida’s governor to declare a state of emergency for the area.

Spencer, whose last major public appearance with other white nationalists ended with a riot in Charlottesville, Va., this year, was expected to speak in the afternoon at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on an isolated corner of the campus.

Weapons have been banned from the event, along with a wide range of other items, including water bottles, masks, shields and hats.

Spencer gained national prominence in recent years for his support of President Trump and for his views calling for a separate nation for white people. The apparent resurgence in white nationalism in the U.S. has sparked anti-supremacists to mobilize with their own efforts, which have included nonviolent demonstrations and pressure campaigns on companies providing services to white nationalists and sometimes violent attacks intended to drive white nationalists out of public spaces.