The Importance of Writing a Personal Journal – Persuasive Speech

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Hi guys!

This is one of my public speaking speeches for final exam.
I am currently taking English Literature at Sanata Dharma University and we are assigned to make a persuasive speech. Our lecturer recorded it for each of us so we can have our self-evaluation (which is really important). I found out that I used too much ‘so’s and ‘so-far’s after I watched the tape on my own hahahaha! I bet my friends also noticed it too since all of us are assigned to grade our own friends who are speaking in the studio.

So here’s several tips to make a good public speech.

I. Intro
1. Get people’s attention (by telling stories or asking questions)
2. Reveal the topic once your opening points to the topic you’re highlighting in the speech.
3. Establish credibility by saying something like “based on the research that I’ve conducted…” or kind of like that to show that you deserve to present this topic (since you aren’t an expert yet in that field)
4. Give structure preview or the list of things you wanna talk about in the speech. It really helps especially when you don’t have Power Point to help you.

II. Body
1. Direct your audience to ‘go’ to your points by saying like “First, let’s see the benefit of writing,” or “Next, we will go to the second point…”
2. Use topic sentences to explain your main points to the audience. Never start with details first!

III. Conclusion
1. Summarize or review the points of your speech
2. Finally, reinforce your central idea or the purpose of the speech. You may add a short pause before saying “In conclusion…” so your audience knows you are closing the speech. You also can close it with a certain quote. Remember, your last impression leaves a mark for the audience.

That’s all what I want to say hahaha. I hope my suggestion helps! Please feel free to write down any critics or comments below. I appreciate it very much.