The Link Between President’s Speeches Since 1961 – 2017

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Former president Eisenhower warned the public about the Military Industrial Complex and the importance of keeping the public informed through the media (The media failed at it’s duty). Kennedy was going to expose the hidden truths that go beyond the government, and was also stressing the importance of media in keeping the public informed (The media failed…again). President Nixon was following Kennedy’s footsteps which got him impeached. Others have tried to do the same, but all of them have been unsuccessful. The media is silent about it because it is controlled by the same handful of people that control the Macro Economic Global System. Donald Trump is doing his best to bring this information out, but as you might have seen, the media is painting a really negative picture of him.

There is a war going on behind the scenes and the world doesn’t even know about it. This has been going on since the 2nd World War.

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