Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

If you’re among our avid evening news audience you would have heard the New Year’s speeches by both major political leaders in Belize – Opposition /PUP Leader John Briceno and Prime Minister/UDP Leader Dean Barrow. Their speeches were strategically scripted not only to welcome a new year, but also to warm up the electorate as the municipal elections and possibly even an early election in 2018 nears. Both sides have issues they want on the front burner, and both side have their own take on key topics such as the economy, unemployment rate, and the cost of living. To help you see the contrast and comparisons, if any exist, we have prepared a special new year’s speech trade shots.
In Part 1 both leaders look at the economy and what were Belize’s strength and weaknesses in the year past.

The discussion on infrastructure works drew contrasting presentations from the PM and the Opposition Leader. While the PM said it is the benchmark of his administration, Briceno explained that there has been too much focus on concrete streets rather than people’s health and homes.
As anticipated the New Year’s speeches dealt with a number of matters, but there were topics that Prime Minister Barrow didn’t address, and this includes political reform and corruption in his administration. For Opposition leader Briceno however, it was a topic that must not be kept from the public’s ears.
For part 2 of the trading of shots by the two leaders, we invite you to tune in to the newscast on Friday for our report of the upcoming sitting of the House of Representatives. It is expected that there will be a heated debate as the m payment to the Belize Bank confirmed by the CCJ last year will be the main agenda item.