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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Twenty-two-year-old Tina Dabi from Delhi has topped the prestigious civil services exams 2015, conducted by the UPSC………..Change your Mind…………….
………..Change your Future…………….

Tina Dabi Speech

We feel inferior, when our relative says “you cannot do it” and sometime we also fell can I do it.

How many times all of you have faced failure and have faced bitter disappointment but then we all rise for the simple reason that you know somewhere deep in our heart and our mind we all want to do something in our life.

We want to make ourselves proud, our parents proud and our nation proud.

What happens, whenever something goes wrong, something doesn’t workout we because absolutely shattered and we somehow close ourself to every thing to every door to every opportunity but trust me there is always an opportunity we just need to look.

Nothing is big or small, one step’s from our side count so never think that “what will happen with my single effort ” what we do every little action counts.

Each one of us has that capacity to yes make our dream come true. Do you know we Indians should be proud of one fact that we all Indians are hard working people. Hard work flows in our veins.

We were struggled for 200 years but see we rose and we are now among top countries of the world so hard work runs in our blood Never be afraid of working hard.

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