Toastmasters Club of Metro Dagupan May 12 ’16 Meeting

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TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL District 75, Division G, Area 63
Toastmasters Club of Metro Dagupan 1015324 Meeting
Thursday 12th of May 2016 6:30PM Koppitea, Dagupan City
Theme: Memories
Sparkle: What song brings you back memories?

00:11 Call to Order, Invocation and Motto – TM Fidel Fernandez
Motto: “For Better Listening, for Better Thinking, for Better
Speaking, We learn by doing”
01:10 Introduction of the Presiding Officer
01:40 Opening Statements – CC Cathy Cruz Bangsal
02:02 Sparkle
16:01 Introduction of the Toastmaster of the Evening
16:29 Explanation of the segments of the program – ACB Wendy Co
Announcement of Names of Evaluators; to be introduced in length later
General Evaluator – CC Sam Palaganas
Table Topics Evaluator – CC Choir Galvan (replacement of ACB Ann Cua )
Prepared Speech Evaluators- See names below

Introduction, Explanation of roles by the Meeting Assistants:
Timer- TM Gino Lagro
Language Evaluator – TM Fidel Fernandez
Ahh Counter – TM Rhys Palaganas (replacement of Joel de Guzman)
Vote-counter – TM Rhys Palaganas

20:30 Educational Portion
Table Topics Master – TM Rhys Palaganas

Prepared Speeches
38:43 Speech No. 5 – TM Rhys Palaganas ”The Number 1 Way To Embarrass Children”; Evaluator ACB Wendy Co
49:18 ACS #3 (Manage & Motivate speech ) – ACB Ann Cua “Public Speaking”; Evaluator CC Sam Palaganas

1:01:52 Introduction of the General Evaluator by the Toastmaster of the Evening
1:03:20 Explanation of the purposes / importance of Evaluation/ Introduction
1:03:46 Evaluation of the Table Topic Speakers – ACB Ann Cua
1:11:50 Evaluation of the Prepared Speakers – see above for the names of evaluators
1:15:50 Evaluation of evaluators and meeting in general – CC Sam Palagnas
1:21:20 Reports of Meeting Assistants
1:33:48 Announcement of tonight’s winners by the Toastmaster of the Evening
Best Table Topics Speaker – TM Fidel Fernandez
Best Prepared Speaker – ACB Ann Cua
Best of the Big Three – TM Rhys Palaganas

Toastmaster returns control of the meeting to the Presiding Officer

1:37:25 Business Meeting
Closing remarks and Adjournment by the Presiding Officer

Words of the Day: ON THE FLY (Idiom) : 1: [done] while something or someone is operating or moving. Example: I’ll try to capture the data on the fly 2: if someone does something on the fly, they do it quickly and without thinking carefully before they do it. Example: She was the sort of person who would make decisions on the fly rather than allowing herself time to think.