Trump Turns Phoenix Speech Into Unhinged Rant Filled With Lies

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Donald Trump’s Tuesday night rally in Phoenix went off as expected – The President took the stage, spent time talking about crowd size, and then went off-script to start attacking the media, Hillary Clinton, the Russia probe, and even his Republican detractors. The speech contained no actual talk of how he’d achieve any of his promises, and as he droned on and on, the crowd thinned with hundreds of people leaving early. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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Last night, Donald Trump gave his much anticipated speech at a rally in Phoenix, where he pretty much did everything that everybody thought he was going to do. What’s really interesting about the speech is that it opened up with a couple different people coming on talking about unity, the need for us to denounce these racists that we’ve seen all throughout the country, so you actually kind of got the feeling at first like maybe, maybe this was going to be a decent speech.

It absolutely wasn’t. We’ve gone ahead and put together a clip of I guess what you would call Donald Trump’s greatest hits from last night. So let’s take a look at those for a second. Then we’re going to come back and try our best to explain what exactly this man is talking about.

Donald Trump: CNN is really bad, but ABC this morning … I don’t watch it much. But I’m watching in the morning and they have little George Stephanopolous talking to Nikki Haley. Right? Little George. And he talks about the speech I made last night, which, believe it or not, got great reviews. Right? They had a hard time. They were having a hard time because with soldiers we were somber, we were truthful, we were doing, we were saying things … and it really did. So he talked about it for, like, that much. Then he goes, “Let’s get back to Charlottesville.” Charlottesville!

And Nikki was great. She’s doing a great job, by the way.

CNN, CNN does not want its falling viewership to watch what I’m saying tonight, I can tell you. And do you ever notice when I go on and I’ll put out a Tweet or a couple of Tweets … “He’s in a Twitter storm again!” I don’t do Twitter storms. You’ll put out a little Tweet. “I’m going to be with the veterans today.” They’ll say, “Donald Trump is in a Twitter storm!” These are sick people. The New York Times essentially apologized after I won the election because their coverage was so bad and it was so wrong and they were losing so many subscribers that they practically apologized. I would say they did. They say, “Well, it wasn’t really that much of an apology.” Because they were losing so many people because they were mislead. And I figured this is great. And for about two weeks I got good coverage. Then they reverted back, and they’re worse than ever before. You know, it’s one of those … The Washington Post is terrible. I must tell you, Fox has treated me fairly. Fox treated me fairly.

And Hannity, how good is Hannity, he’s saying. How good is Hannity. And he’s a great guy and he’s an honest guy. And Fox and Friends in the morning is the best show and it’s the absolute most honest show. And it’s the show I watch.

I’m a person who wants to tell the truth. I’m an honest person, and what I’m saying, you know, is exactly right. Do the people in this room like Sheriff Joe?

Was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job? That’s what … He should have had a jury, but you know what? I’m going to make a prediction. I think he’s going to be just fine. Okay?

I won’t do it tonight because I don’t want to cause any controversy. Is that okay? Alright?