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“KALAKESARI”, “NATASAMRAT”,’PAVANASUTHA” UDAYKUMAR is a popular South Indian Film Artist of yester years. “Gandugali” Udaykumar has acted in close to 194 feature films which includes Kannada, Telugu , Tamil and one Hindi. He has won many Regional and National awards for his best performances especially in Kannada Films.
He is one amongst “KumarTrio” (Dr.Rajkumar, “Kalakesari”Udaykumar, “Kalarathna”Kalyankumar).

Sri.Udaykumarji was a person with multiple skills. He is admired by his fans as a Play writer, a Lyricist, a Novelist, a Music Composer, a Producer, a Director besides a talented great Actor.

A True patriot, who led the team of volunteers to serve his fellow people, when he was a teenager. A Strong leader and a Powerful orator, who has fought for the purpose of ‘Kanndigas unity’. He has fought for the well-being of the language Kannada and the people of Karnataka, through his travels, public speeches and meetings throughout the state.

A highly talented stage Artist who carried the social messages through his Stage plays to the common people through “UDAYA KALANIKETHANA”, a Training school of Theatrical arts and Film acting, found by him.

The ‘Icon’ and the ‘Legend’ Kalakesari Udaykumar(1933-1985) ‘was’ and ‘is’ an inspiration to promote several social and cultural activities.

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