Warren Buffett’s Speech on Investing, Staying out of Debt and Fulfilling your Potential

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A speech and Q&A given by Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska in 1999. In the speech Warren discusses how to form habits that will change your future, pros of staying out of debt and his investing techniques.

Interview date: 1999

00:03 Start of Speech
00:29 Cost of 10% of your financial future
03:05 How to fulfill your potential
7:24 Avoid Credit Cards, Be ahead of the game
10:34 Questions
11:05 How to keep up financially in a low salary field?
15:58 Do you credit anyone else apart from yourself with your success?
20:00 Predictions of the future impact of technology on the world?
23:49 Best way to start your financial future?
27:16 Dealing with student debts?
30:13 Advice for forming a non-profit organization ?
31:05 How important is the quality of being civic?
33:20 Economic problems facing youths in the future?
36:39 Impact of Y2K on the market?
38:30 What to invest time and money in?
44:35 How a decay in moral standards will affect business?
47:52 When to get involved in the stock market?
51:48 Are government polices prepared for the future?
56:57 How does the media affect the world economically?
59:17 End of speech

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