What will happen NOV, 2017? Obama Speech: Police Shutdown Top YouTube Videos!

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

The Obama Joker $1000 Video Contest

A video posted of Alex Jones announcing the ‘Obama JOKER 00 Video Contest’ has been pulled by You Tube after ‘community guidelines’ complaints alleged the video was ‘racist.’

The video in question had no mention of race whatsoever– instead, it is a case in point of Obama Brownshirts policing the Internet and turning in political dissenters on a trumped-up basis.

Even more disturbing is You Tube’s “community standards” policy in action– which apparently allows for vocal critics to shut down free speech (which does not otherwise violate You Tube’s standards) under arbitrary and unsubstantiated claims of “racism” or etc.

Note: Obama Joker posters should be posted in public commons where other fliers, public announcements, handbills, etc., are posted. Please do not post on federal or private property as this will be considered vandalism and will be counterproductive and diminish the message of the Obama Joker poster.