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This video is specially designed for participating in the long awaited Public Speaking Contest by The Times Of India. “Breathing To Our Deaths” discusses about the fatality the pollution is causing to our lives. The earth is being slowly and steadily moving towards annihilation and we’re the only ones responsible . We’ve begun the war with nature since the day we invented the first steam engine. Let us take just one step to awareness and, let the earth heal .

Here is the entire transcript to my above video : BREATHING TO OUR DEATHS

Namaste. Reducing pollution is no more a serious issue but the the only way to survive. Bah.. Who cares ?
Do you know that the air you breath is as harmful as smoking 21 cigarettes per day. The earth is being incessantly destroyed by the fuel driven vehicles and yet, there’ll be a billion cars On the roads in the world by 2030! We’re not wanting to stop. Not wanting to listen to the screams and agony that’ll follow after we’ve done our parts. The nature will undergo a detoxification, and we all shall perish.
A piece of plastic, you haphazardly throw into the soil takes 500 years to decompose.
Statistics even suggest that one out of 7 children die due to pollution. Get ready because the next child could be be yours. Think wise. Go green. Live. That’s the only way we have 🙂