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Drink A Smoothie 😉
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I sang this song at The Real Food Revolution in Perth in front of over 140 people. They had no idea what hit them.

Laughs ensured. Days were made. A legend was born. Haha but seriously it was so much fun! I hope you enjoy this song.

Here are the lyrics:

The Wheatgrass is always greener,
On somebody else’s farm.
When you start your wellness journey,
First you must do no harm.
To Transform the world around you,
First you must transform yourself.
Treat your body like it’s a temple,
And take control of your health!
With a Smoothie…
Drink a Smoothie!
Smoothies are Greena
With Spirulina,
Take it from Me!
I Drink Green Smoothies Everyday!
I turn my blender into a Cafe!
Smoothies are Greena,
With Spirulina,
Just DRINK a Smoothie!

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