Fear of Public Speaking Positive Affirmation for When You Feel Shy and Insecure

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Guided positive affirmation for speaking in public for people who are shy, insecure and afraid of public speaking. A lot of us feel nervous and insecure when we have to give a presentation, hold a speech or even just sharing our thoughts and opinions in the classroom or at a meeting. This can hold us back and keep us from trying out new things and developing ourselves, and this irrational fear will soon control out life. Some people even get panic attacks and anxiety when they have to speak in public, and it can even make them sick and stressed out. But unfortunately is public speaking something we will all have to do throughout our lives, no matter who we are, and it is therefore better to learn to master it as soon as possible to get more good experiences that will boost your confidence and self esteem.

So if you are a shy and introverted person, here is a guided positive affirmation you can say to yourself whenever you need to speak in public whether it will be in front of a large crowd or only a couple of people. It will help boost your confidence and take control of that anxiety and stress. We all need a little positive self talk once in a while to help us get rid of those negative thoughts and be our own booster.

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