110 Taylor Conroy – Finding My Enough

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Taylor is a meditating surfer obsessed with building businesses that make change. His first social enterprise, ‘Change Heroes’, mobilized 15,000 people from 80 countries around the world to to fund hundreds of schools, water projects, libraries, girls scholarships, and more for 200,000 people and raised nearly 4 million dollars. He founded a social enterprise that has taught hundreds of children to be social entrepreneurs, a speakers bureau that solely represents speakers making change, and recently co-founded an impact travel company called ‘Journey333’ with the goal of transforming the world’s largest industry (travel) into a vehicle for sustainable impact and personal transformation.

Taylor has lectured at Harvard, Princeton, NYU, Cornell, and the United Nations. He regularly presents for corporate clients like Disney, Pfizer, and Lululemon, at social good events with over 10,000 people, and at private dinners and galas. Taylor has studied with Zen monks in Japan, run with the bulls in Spain, explored every continent on earth including Antarctica, surfed the longest wave in the world in Peru, and filmed mini documentaries in Nicaragua, Cambodia, Kenya, and Uganda.

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Some questions Connor asks…

Could you share a defining moment for you? (2:39)

How did that time in your life shifted your perspective of success? (8:20)

Taylor’s 3 Keys to Happiness and getting over his fear of public speaking. (11:00)

Why did you start working to support women of sexual abuse? (25:25)

Details on The Man Journey to Guatemala. (37:07)

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