7 tips to know what to say or pray between songs in worship | w/ Jake Gosselin

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

For we worship leaders, singing in front of people is no problem. We do it every weekend, so why can it be so hard to speak or pray in front of people? Sometimes the reason is just not knowing what to say between the songs in our worship sets, so I asked Jake Gosselin of Churchfront to share his tips on how to overcome the fears of speaking in public and why it’s important in terms our roles as worship leaders.

The seven tips are:

1. Be a lifelong student of the Bible and theology
2. Identity one or two spots in worship to speak or pray
3. Script what you will say or pray
4. Practice what you will say or pray out loud
5. Practice what you will say or pray during band rehearsal
6. Engage your congregation when you deliver
7. Download Jake’s free guide “25 Things To Say or Pray in Worship”

Download the FREE guide here:

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