A nervous boy stutters trying to talk to his crush. So he gets creative with a tape recorder.

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“Audible Static” is used with permission from Sai Selvarajan. Learn more at http://omele.to/2hK2lyw.

Thaddeus is a young teenager with a major crush, like many boys his age.

But unlike his peers, Thaddeus also has a stutter, which also makes approaching the object of his affection that much harder.

But when Thaddeus finds himself in a unique position to impress the girl of his dreams, he comes up with an ingenious solution — one that comes with its own set of complications.

This well-acted warm-hearted teen drama is a story about first love, but while its subject matter is iconic and touching, the unique “obstacle” is stuttering, a speech pattern that can make young people especially fearful and self-conscious in social situations.

But “Audible Static” comes by its hardship honestly — both director Sai Selvarajan and lead actor Parker Baze, who was 12 years old at the time of filming, both grew up with stutters. This experience makes the film’s remarkable portrayal both authentic and compassionate.

But you don’t need to have a stutter to relate to a story about summoning up the courage to approach a crush — and coming up with a way around and through fear. Charming and warm-hearted, you’ll find it hard not to root for Thaddeus — and be impressed by the lengths he’ll go to get the girl.

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Audible Static by Sai Selvarajan (Romance Short Film) | Omeleto

A nervous boy stutters trying to talk to his crush. So he gets creative with a tape recorder.


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