Acharya Prashant: How to get rid of fear?

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The voice of intelligent spirituality in today’s age. The coming together of ancient streams of wisdom from all times and places, and yet authentic beyond tradition.

Prashant Tripathi, known as Acharya Prashant, was born on March 7, 1978 at Agra, India. Eldest of three siblings, his father was a bureaucrat and mother a homemaker. His childhood was spent mostly in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Parents and teachers found in him a child who could often be quite mischievous, and then suddenly, deeply contemplative. Friends too recall him as having an unfathomable temperament, often not really sure whether he was joking or serious. A brilliant student, he consistently topped his class, and received the highest commendations and prizes possible to a student. His mother fondly remembers how she was honoured several times as “Mother Queen” for the academic performance of her child. Teachers would say that never before had they seen a student who was as brilliant in Science as in Humanities, as adept in Mathematics as in Languages, and as proficient in English as in Hindi. The then Governor of the state felicitated him in a public function for setting a new benchmark in the the Board examinations, and for being an NTSE scholar.

The prodigal student was a voracious reader since he was five years of age. His father’s extensive home library consisted of some of the world’s best literature, including spiritual texts like the Upanishads. For long hours, the child would be tucked away in the most silent corners of the house, immersed in stuff that was meant to be understood only by men of advanced age and maturity. He would skip meals and even hours of sleep, and would be lost in reading. Before he had turned ten, Prashant had read everything that was there in the father’s collection, and was asking for more. The first signs of the mystical appeared when he started writing poetry at the age of eleven. His poems were imbued in shades of the mysterious, and were asking questions that most grown-ups could not grasp.

At the age of fifteen, after being in the city of Lucknow for many years, he found himself in the city of Ghaziabad near Delhi, owing to his father’s transferable job. The particular age and the change of city accelerated the process that had already taken deep roots. He took to waking at night, and besides studying, would often be staring silently at the night sky. His poems grew in depth, a lot of them devoted to the night and the moon( Rather than academics, his attention started flowing more and more towards the mystical….

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Video Information: Acharya Prashant speaking on behalf of Advait Life-Education at AKGEC, Ghaziabad on 16th February, 2013.