Do Business NOW! Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking! – Promo Video

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

“Do Business NOW! Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!!!!”

Public speaking in front of large crowds is one of the most feared aspects society has!

Iolande Vitt Argent & Elias Melas, will work hand in hand with you to get you out of your seats, and share within the spotlight! When you speak in front of a crowd, people get a better feel of who you are, and it TREMENDOUSLY helps you get more of the exposure that you need to further the success of your business! 🙂

At this event, we will conduct an open forum to discuss these fears, and how Iolande and Elias can personally help you overcome them. We will also run several fun and engaging exercises that will further your comfort level of this dreaded task!

At this event, you will also learn:

► How to feel more confident within yourself to share more of YOU to a larger group!
► What the right and wrong things are to say on stage!
► What makes people want to come hear you speak when you are scheduled to do so!
► How to find speaking engagements throughout the Sacramento Regional Area and Beyond, through many networking organizations and other resources that will further your exposure!
…and much, much more!!! 🙂

★ Iolande V. Argent, PhD, is an author, speaker, media performer and trainer. She is also a coach of life, business, marketing and writing. She has always been a “Successful Business Builder” ( and defines this as introducing simple techniques to teach to others and help them learn to create their own solutions. Her current endeavors have led her to launch several businesses after her corporate careers.

★ Elias Melas is an Entrepreneur / Public Speaker / General Networking Event Organizer. He is the President & Founder of The Genuine Networking Association (GNA). A “Free Admission” Networking Organization where people are truly supported from the heart to further the path of their business and personal success.

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MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your personal and professional life! ALLOW US to build your CONFIDENCE and you’ll see how much of a GOOD CHANGE this will make for you after this workshop!

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