Dreaming of Conquering a Fear of Public Speaking?

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

What are the best methods in overcoming over powering fears of presenting publicly?
According to an article recently published on the Forbes website, individuals who are afraid of public speaking can conquer their fear in simply five minutes a day! We take a look at the article in today’s video.

It is suggested that those who fear public speaking are often consumed with negative thoughts about themselves prior to delivering a speech rather than focusses on the enjoyment of sharing their ideas. A suggested method to quieten the inner voice is to spend five minutes a day meditating.

It is suggested that meditation is a workout for you mind and in time will strengthen to tune out the negative voices. By committing to just five minutes a day, individuals can expect to feel calm, confident and joyful.

We asked Andy Harrington, a public speaking expert, for his thoughts on the topic. His comments are included within the video itself.

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