Ep 31 Lucas Mattiello – The REAL Reason We Hate Public Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Ep 31 of The Steele Entrepreneur Show – Level Up Living founder Lucas Mattiello is here to teach us the REAL reason we hate public speaking, why we come up with bull 💩 excuses, and what is stopping us from crushing our goals!

😝 Bonus: He told me his crazy story about the time he went out for dinner in Thailand and ended up in a Muay Thai fight 💪🏼

*Here Are Some Highlights*

How Lucas helped me overcome my fear of the camera & made this show possible 3:32

The one question he asks every client 8:15

What is his Why? 20:25

His game-changing kick in the teeth 23:55

How he begins & ends his days 28:40

He’s addicted to yoga 31:15

The REAL reason we hate public speaking 35:39

How he stays motivated 38:23

What he would tell his 20-year-old self 50:49

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