Fear. How to recognize and overcome it with success█Art of overcoming fears█Never fear again

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Fear. How to recognize and overcome it with success
Art of overcoming fears
Never fear again

Hi Daniel with you and today I want to speak about fear. Everybody has different fears and usually this is the major cause why a lot of people dont have a success in many spheres in their lives.
Here is some examples which fears we all can have.
Fear of being rejected, fear to fail, fear of losing somebody, fear to lose love, fear to be alone, fear to be poor, fear to be rich, fear of being criticized, fear of public speaking, fear of death and etc.
You can continue this list way way long. I was reading a lot of books on how to recognize our fears, learn why we have them and most importantly how to overcome them.
First of all I did an exercise to see what are my fears that stops me from doing things I m supposed to do??I took a paper and started by writing them all!I recommend you to do the same.At the end of this exercises you can categorize all fears in 3 categories.
1.Fears that somebody implanted in me
2.Fears that planted to my because I had a bad experience in some moments from my live
3. Fears of something that I never tried or something that was new for me.
Let me give some examples:
When I was a child my parents were always telling me to not ask somebody for help, be strong, do it yourself, you will look weak if you ask for help. So because of that when became an adult I was really afraid to ask for directions on the street when I was lost, ask my teachers to help me in school if I dont understand something. To overcome this fear it took me a while and hard job on myself to finally let it go.
Second category was with me when I was 21 years old, I saw the guy felt from big height, then after this moment I had fear of height.
Third category it s very simple I was just afraid of unknown thing that I never did in my life like selling, teaching and public speaking.
Okey now a most important part of this video!!How to overcome your fears!I have 3 solutions for you.
First one.Come back to present moment. I mean on the moments you feel afraid, stop letting negatives thoughts come into your head, dont imagine negative scenarios. Just concentrate on your real feeling what you see, what you hear, what is around you.Right now I standing here, in another room I hear somebody walking and etc.
This type of concentration will help you to analyze well your present situation.
Second exercise. If you are doubting, check again.Analyze your negative thoughts, try to speak with someone around you about your fears and share with them the worst results possible. Ask them how they will react to those fears and how would they feel if they do the same.
Last exercise is to visualize desired outcome.
Try to imagine positive results after you do something.Let s say you are afraid somebody will reject you by saying no if you ask him something, try to visualize that he will say yes I m really happy to help or why you didn’t ask me before I would help you.No matter what you imagine, make it positive and you will be really surprised about your results.
I hope those 3 Exercises will help you to overcome your fears and I m really excited to hear your stories. Thanks for your attention and see you next time!!
We are all humans and have different fears. In this video I want to help you how to recognize it and some tips on how you can overcome it.

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